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What is Mind Codex®?

The Mind Codex personality model determines four dimensions of personality psychology, which exist in every person in varying degrees.

What is remarkable about this personality model?

Mind Codex® actively includes the individual values of each personality. Living our lives without incorporating our own values makes us miserable and sick. For this, it is crucial to portray the personalities with their values and potentials.

»Our values are our navigation system to satisfaction.«

Contrary to other models, Mind Codex points out the unchangeable parts of the personality, which shape us throughout our lives. For instance, the intensity of our temperament is hereditary and consistent. In the course of our lives we learn to manage, but we cannot manipulate the intensity.

The 4 factors of personality:

Many years of research demonstrate which parts are hereditary.


The 4 factors of personality:

Do-er - influencing factor
Empathizer - influencing factor
Analyzer - influencing factor
Values - influencing factor (only values are not hereditary, developed through imprinting)

»We are not creating stereotyped thinking! Everyone can access all four factors.«

Twin research

An equally interesting question is how you can prove which characteristics are hereditary and stable at the same time (i.e. unchangeable). For this purpose we have 15,000 twin research studies of identical twins, who grew up in different families.

»15,000 twin research studies show precisely the hereditary parts of their potentials.«


Mind Codex® analyses which personality traits we have inherited and to what degree. Based on that, the individual potential can be revealed. Further, the analysis evaluation shows each person's motivational factors and how satisfaction, success, happiness, fulfilment etc. can be achieved.

»Neuroscience can reveal what our strengths are and what makes us happy.«

Your personal benefit:

  • Recognizing your own values and potential and using them purposefully
  • Recognizing the values and potential of colleagues and using them purposefully
  • Employees can be hired purposefully according to personality factors
  • Implementation after one training day
  • Teams can be arranged according to strengths and values
  • Products can be tailored to target groups
  • Quick implementation of knowledge for all employees
  • Increase of respect and understanding within a team
  • Analysis can be done from anywhere
  • Trainings are available as on-site seminars and as live online sessions
  • Contents can be implemented immediately
  • Own and others' strengths are brought into consciousness


  • Scientifically sound
  • Latest insights in neuropsychology
  • Developed with a team of psychologists, neurologists, medical doctors and sociologists
  • High validity
  • Digital due to online testing and an app
  • Individual evaluation via app
  • Individual values are taken into account
  • Shows your strengths for your personal success
  • Easy to understand - can be implemented immediately
  • Based on 25 years of expertise

Sustainability of knowledge

Mind Codex: Sustainability of knowledge

We continuously work on the sustainability of the newly acquired knowledge. Our goal is to be of long-term value for each person as well as companies, who significantly benefit from this knowledge in terms of people management and hiring.

  • Exciting and valuable content of the personality model
  • Digitalisation due to an app
  • "Knowledge to go"
  • Compact and clear overview within the app
  • Personal access to the app
  • Training options in the app
  • Each Mind Codex module with book available for participants
  • In-depth knowledge in the book
  • Memory cards for each participant

Modern and digital

»Each person is extraordinary and has their very own potential.«

Success through personality!

Many have acknowledged self-awareness and people knowledge as their driving force for personal success!

Our values guide us like a navigation system to get us to our goal of satisfaction.

Modern and digital: In the sense of sustainability, you have access to the personality analysis form in the Mind Codex app.
You get the result visualized in the form of a diamond and explained in a detailed description.


Learn more about your own potential as well as your individual values and increase your success and satisfaction!

»Solve the riddle of the personality codex. Discover your strengths, motives, values and potentials.«


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For further information, please feel free to contact us anytime. Miriam Pfitzmayer-Sayk will be happy to answer all important questions regarding our services.

Dr Eva Brandt Mind Codex
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Mind Codex has shown us the increasing success of team constellations according to potentials.

Dr. Felix Büchting, executive of KWS Saat


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