The developer of Mind Codex®

Dr. Eva Brandt

Developer and expert for personal development.

Management consultant, trainer, speaker, licensed business coach, developer of Mind Codex®, the Lotus Strategy®, TV expert of several TV formats and author of multiple reference books.

As an expert in human insight and potential analysis, Dr. Eva Brandt has been training, coaching and supporting executives and managers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 1999. She also advises companies on issues of potential development and strategic direction.

Focus: Lectures, leadership/team development, consulting/coaching

Focus Lectures

  • Self-awareness and people skills for executives
  • Personal appearance for executives
  • Self- and time management according to own personality structure
  • Stress competence
  • From laughing to lying (micromimic and body language)

Focus Seminars leadership and team development

  • Personality trainings
  • Communication trainings and conflict management
  • Self- and time management

Focus Consulting/coaching

  • Organizational development, support of agile transformation
  • Consulting in corporate leadership, corporate strategy and organizational management
  • Team development measures, process support in change management, strengthening of leadership competencies
  • Implementation of potential and team analyses
  • Development and implementation of leadership strategies, Distance Profiling
  • Burnout prophylaxis & increase of stress competence according to the Lotus-Strategy®
  • Coping with conflict situations in everyday work life
  • Support during the first 100 days
  • Skillfully mastering critical and delicate situations

Study and education

Studies of adult education with focus on psychology

3-year trainer and systemic coaching education, certified business coach of dvct e.V.

Doctorate: 2004

Professional career

Studies of adult education with focus on psychology

3-year trainer and systemic coaching training

1998 – 2003 Associate lecturer at the University of Education in Freiburg, Department of Adult Education

1999 Foundation of the seminar institute "Seminare und Beratung"
Management consultant, trainer, licensed business coach and author. Expert for knowledge of human nature, potential analysis and stress competence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Since 2011 Associate lecturer at the Gutenberg University in Mainz

Since 2001 Lecturer at

  • the ZFU (international business school in CH),
  • the Boston Business School (CH) and the ZIBS (Zurich International Business School) as well as
  • MAB in St. Gallen

2014 Foundation of the second seminar institute health management and development of the Lotus-Strategy® in order to increase stress competence

2017 Publication of her book "Zeitmanagement im Takt der Persönlichkeit", published by Beltz Verlag

2018 Publication of "Stress? Du entscheidest, wie Du lebst" based on the Lotus-Strategy®, published by Campus Verlag

2018 Expert appearing in the TV production "Ich, einfach unvermittelbar" aired on VOX

2019 Expert appearing in "Ungelogen" aired on Sat.1

2019 Foundation of Mind Codex GmbH

2020 Appointment to scientific advisor at Sportärztezeitung (media venture about sports medicine), Teaching Award in Gold granted by ZFU (CH)

2021 Instructor/auditor of a certification course at the IHK Hessen (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

2022 Expert in Facial Micro Expressions, certified by Paul Ekman Ph.D.

Trainerausbildungen / Lizenzen

1996 NLP-Master

2005 Licensed BIP® trainer (Bochum Inventory for Job-Related Personality Assessment) in the management audits and assessments field

2007 Licensed Insights-MDI® trainer

2010 High-Speed-Reading trainer education

2011 Instructor/auditor of a certification course at the IHK Hessen (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

2014 Development of the "Lotus-Strategy®" - patented method for stress competence

2017 Development of the Mind Codex® personality model

2019 Publication of the new personality model Mind Codex®

2022 Expert of Facial Micro Expressions certified by Paul Ekman Ph.D


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