Mind Codex® 4-Factor Model

The development

The scientific basis of Mind Codex

The research on the development of Mind Codex started in 2018.

Mind Codex was developed with the knowledge of the trilogy of sciences sociology, psychology and pedagogy and is based on current neuropsychological findings.

wissenschaftliche Basis von Mind Codex

Based on neuropsychology, we were able to determine three stable, internationally applicable, independent factors and combine them with the 4th factor of personal values.

By analyzing the factors, Mind Codex can capture the position and degree of personality dimensions.

Based on the four dimensions, this results in over 700 different personality characteristics.

Im Sinne der Anwendbarkeit werden die 3 Einflussfaktoren Macher, Empathiker und Analytiker sowie dem 4. Faktor der Werte vor allem in ihrer jeweiligen Positionierung und Stärke der Ausprägung beschrieben.

In terms of applicability, the three influencing factors do-er, empathizer and analyzer as well as the 4th factor of values are described primarily in terms of their respective positioning and intensity.

  • Values - influencing factor
  • Do-er - influencing factor
  • Empathizer - influencing factor
  • Analyzer - influencing factor

The analysis result shows the position of the factors and the intensity.

Knowing the codex of your

  • personal values,
  • potentials,
  • strenghths and
  • leitmotifs

enables you not only to use them for your own goal achievement, but also to combine success and satisfaction.

The diamond illustrates your personal characteristics to the same extent as the complexity of human beings.

Metaphorically speaking, the rough diamond is unique and unchangeable in Colour, Clarity and Carat. It is the Cut that releases the shine. The cut of the diamond can be compared to the values of a person. They also develop after we are created.

Thanks to neuropsychology we now know that there are four areas of the brain, which have a strong influence on our personality and which are captured in this 4-factor model.

Each person is exceptional and has their own unique potential.


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