How do I become a Mind Codex trainer?

Just contact us and join one of our licensing seminars.

Our team supports you during the Mind Codex® trainer licensing process, until you feel confident enough for your first Mind Codex seminar or Mind Codex coaching.

In our train-the-trainer seminar you learn everything about the contents, scientific background and numerous practical exercises.

How can I become a successful trainer or coach?

After the licensing seminar the focus is on sales and distribution of your own seminars and coaching sessions. You learn the best procedures in order to become a successful Mind Codex trainer or coach.

How can I deepen or reinforce my knowledge about Mind Codex?

In order to deepen the knowledge, our Mind Codex® Academy conducts online trainings for all licensed trainers/coaches, which are These are compact and cover a specific topic. Here, the whole seminar is deepened again with background knowledge; there is also time for questions. Through the Academy you also get the chance to get to know our Mind Codex trainer network. Many of our trainers use this network to conduct joint seminars or for joint marketing, such as blog posts or podcasts and interviews.

What do I get as a licensed trainer?

You get everything it takes to start your first seminar right away. There are no hidden costs, everything is included in one package price. You don't have to pay extra for the PowerPoint presentation for your seminars; it's all included in the flat rate for your successful start. Because a fair cooperation as well as good quality in the delivery of the training content is important to us. We support you and want you to be confident, successful and have a lot of fun in your seminars and coachings.

What can I do after the Mind Codex Basic training?

After licensing Mind Codex® Basic you can book another license in a Mind Codex module. The sequence after the Basic license is up to you. Decide for yourself what is most interesting for you and your target group as the next module.

Who do I contact, if I have any questions?

We are a large team and happy to help you. You can contact us about organization and processes and also talk to an expert about seminar contents. We also support you, if you have special seminar requirements from your customers, such as hybrid trainings, shortened trainings etc. Our experts will provide you with the adequate support to ensure your success.


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