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Trainer with personality!

  • Modern, scientifically based model
  • Practice-oriented and directly applicable
  • Aha effects with enthusiastic customers
Become a trainer now!

With personality to become a successful trainer!

Become a Mind Codex potential developer and increase your success with an app-supported personality model.

The Mind Codex® personality model is just right for you!

Mind Codex is a 4-factor personality model that can be taught in a playful way, with sound insights, practice-oriented exercises and modern presentation.
The seminar content is easy and directly applicable, which not only affects the satisfaction of your customers, but also your training success.

We regularly train new trainers in the Mind Codex® personality model, who now also inspire their clients with the knowledge. Become part of the Mind Codex® team and learn how you can profitably strengthen your trainings with it.
Mind Codex® is a key element for almost all areas.


  • Recognize values and potentials of coachees/employees/applicants and use them purposefully
  • Ideal for an initial assessment of own coachees/mentees/applicants
  • Key element as a basis for all further training/coaching measures
  • Higher chances of success in your own seminar/coaching program through scientifically based personality analysis
  • Knowledge transfer for type-fair handling with fellow men
  • Own and foreign strengths step into the consciousness
  • Products/services can be aligned to target groups
  • Respect and understanding for one's own person and fellow human beings increases
  • The analysis can be carried out from anywhere in the world
  • Direct application after one day of training
  • Training is possible in a face-to-face seminar and as live-online training, thanks to online testing and app : contents can be implemented directly

Benefits for Mind Codex trainers

  • Online access to all seminar and training materials incl. flipchart templates, exercises, seminar descriptions, sample agenda, certificate template, access to the trainer tool, documents & presentation in English and much more.
  • Bound book as additional seminar material
  • Structured onboarding process with free training in sales and marketing integration
  • Access to the Mind Codex Academy with many free trainings
  • Membership in the Mind Codex Academy trainer community with platform for exchange/networking
  • Own personality analysis and app access with seminar manual

Mind Codex enables self-awareness, self-direction and improved people skills. These are the crucial key competencies for trainers, coaches, leaders and mediators.

Lilly Fritz, Lawyer, Mind Codex trainer and mediator

Mind Codex has decisive advantages: it is modern, innovative and fast. Immediate application of the contents is guaranteed. The advantage over other models: personal values are integrated as a fourth factor. This completes Mind Codex and makes it innovative.

Carsten Muscheid, trainer, speaker, coach

Mind Codex offers the added value for fast implementation of what has been learned in the area of self-reflection & knowledge of human nature. People can live their authenticity, because they recognize their potentials and motivating factors with Mind Codex.

Christian Henzler, trainer, coach, management consultant corporate culture

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