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  • based on neuroscience
  • personal values
  • recognizing values/ potential
  • respect/ understanding in teams increases
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With personality to success!

Our neuronal processes are reflected in our individuality. Thanks to neuropsychology, we now know that there are four areas of the brain that have a particularly great influence on personality and provide information about a person, which are captured in this model with 4 factors.

The knowledge of one's own personality and that of the other person are the key to success. The personal values are integrated as the fourth factor in the personality and act like a navigation system.

Besides the basic module, the key element, we have other modules as a seminar offer, coaching program as well as a sales, negotiation and recruiting element:

Mind Codex® Sales offers you the possibility of a more targeted assessment of your conversation partner. On the basis of 4 decisive factors of personality, you can recognize the codex of your customer and orient your conversations to it in a success-oriented way. Learn more about the guiding principles, values and personality traits of your customers and thus achieve more sales success.


  • Discover, develop and successfully use your own sales potential
  • Awareness of your own strengths and use of your personal potential
  • Quick analysis thanks to visual characteristics
  • Assess customers quickly for more success in sales
  • Increasing one's own communication skills
  • Get appointments after individual introductory sentences
  • Use sales triggers unerringly
  • Shaping customer conversations according to personality
  • Recognize buying interests and use them successfully
  • Selling with/according to personality
  • Achieve more thanks to individual mail approach
  • Expand your target group by addressing them according to their personality
  • Sales processes according to personality
  • More sales success with personality
  • Specific and successful call control
  • Knowing and using buying triggers - cheat sheets
  • Purchase closing sentences as mobile cheat sheets in the APP
  • Individualized closing sentences can be inserted directly into the app
  • Personalized customer presentation in the app


NEW & UNIQUE: Mind Codex Profiling
with training tool for quick recognition of emotions and objections in the Mind Codex App after the seminar.

What did your conversation partner say when he said nothing? Nothing remains hidden in facial expressions, even if you wanted it to.
Let yourself be whisked away into the world of micromimicry and learn quick recognition features that your negotiation and conversation partner cannot hide in face-to-face as well as in digital conversations.
Knowing this alone will reveal more to you about what is not being said than ever before.

At this seminar, you will learn how to recognize the 7 emotions in your counterpart's face and immediately catch the 8 objections in negotiations, sometimes even before your counterpart is aware of the objection.

Even lies will not remain hidden from you. Become a profiler yourself by directly recognizing the emotions in the face, unmasking lies and increasing your knowledge of human nature to a quick and unerring assessment.

As a sales manager and biohacker, I have a great interest in communication and human psychology. In this context, body language and nonverbal cues play a major role. They give us clues as to whether we are picking up, understanding or even inspiring our conversation partner.

Florian Neuber, Regional Sales Director SAP

Understanding why everyone acts the way they do helps immensely in daily work, in understanding and implementing. Accessing the strengths of my colleagues, understanding their supposed weaknesses and using them as opportunities.

Heidrun Pöhnl, Secretary Board of Management Personal DB Regio

We at Thomae-Akademie like to make use of the Mind Codex model in pharmacy trainings because our seminar participants can improve the assessment of their customers' personality types and thus adapt the consultations to each customer type.

Christian Poßmann, Thomae-Akademie - ein Service von SANOFI

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