Trainer licensing

You would like to be licensed as a Mind Codex Trainer?

Mind Codex is a modern and scientific personality model, which you can offer both in face-to-face trainings and virtually for your clients. This digital and additionally app-based model and the professional trainer equipment offers you a professional start for your own trainings and coachings.

For whom is licensing interesting?

  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Managers in the personnel sector
  • Personnel developers
  • Recruiters
With personality to become a successful trainer!

Become a Mind Codex potential developer and increase your success with an app-supported personality model

  • You want to continue to succeed as a trainer?
  • You only work with quality and want to impress your customers with modern, scientifically based models?
  • You love to create so many aha-effects with the customer on a training day that your customer is absolutely thrilled?

Then the Mind Codex® personality model is just right for you!
Mind Codex is a 4-factor personality model that can be taught in a playful way, with sound insights, practice-oriented exercises and modern presentation.
The seminar content is easy and directly applicable, which not only affects the satisfaction of your customers, but also your training success.


  • Recognize values and potentials of coachees/employees/applicants and use them purposefully
  • Ideal for an initial assessment of one's own coachees/mentees/applicants
  • Key element as a basis for all further training/coaching measures
  • Higher chances of success in your own seminar/coaching program through scientifically based personality analysis
  • Knowledge transfer for type-fair handling with fellow men
  • Own and foreign strengths step into the consciousness
  • Products/services can be aligned to target groups
  • Respect and understanding for one's own person and fellow human beings increases
  • The analysis can be carried out from anywhere in the world
  • Application after one training day
  • Training is possible in a face-to-face seminar and as live-online training, thanks to online testing and app : contents can be implemented directly
You are a trainer/coach and interested in a Mind Codex license?

Licensing dates Mind Codex Basis:

  • 18. - 19. April 2024 in Wiesbaden
  • 19. - 20. September 2024 in Wiesbaden

Licensing dates Mind Codex Modul Sales:

Dates available on request

Mind Codex Modul Profiling:

Dates available on request

For further information, please contact us at Tel. 06 11/ 71 67 67-0
Contact person: Miriam Pfitzmayer-Sayk

Become a MindCodex® Trainer

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After the seminar, I immediately realized why not all employees like small talk about private matters.

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