Licensing Mind Codex® Basis Training

Licensing Mind Codex® Basis Training

With personality to success

The basic license gives you access to the first module, the key element of Mind Codex.

Your benefits:

  • Online access to all seminar and training materials including flipchart templates, exercises, seminar descriptions, sample agenda, certificate template, bound book, access to trainer tool, documents & presentation in English and much more
  • Structured onboarding process with free training in sales and marketing integration
  • Access to the Mind Codex Academy with many free trainings
  • Membership in the Mind Codex Academy trainer community with platform for exchange/networking
  • Own personality analysis and app access with seminar manual

These contents will be trained:

What motivates my conversation partner? How will my counterpart react?
More than ever, knowledge of human nature is the engine for personal success. One's own values and motives are like a navigator to personal satisfaction. Support your participants in recognizing their own code of values and the potential of their personality for successful and satisfied goal achievement.

A quick assessment of interlocutors, whether online or in person, as well as a good knowledge of human nature for professional success are becoming more and more important. Your participants will learn to assess people more easily and learn which guiding motives and values they possess in order to make decisions and achieve goals.

Likewise, with the 4 Factor Personality Model Mind Codex® they discover not only their personal potential and strengths, but also their personal 5 most important values and their influence on their own personality.
Discover your own Mind Codex® for personal success!

  • Digital analysis
  • Personal analysis in your app
  • Values Codex - of the personal 5 most important values
  • Personal reflection with an expert
  • Discovering your own potential
  • Discovering individual strengths
  • Guiding principles and values
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Which Mind Codex® does my conversation partner have?
  • Knowledge of human nature for successful conversations
  • Immediately applicable in private and professional everyday life

In our license trainings, the structure, the procedure as well as the contents are trained in detail as well as the different possibilities for active exercises and the distribution/sale of the Mind Codex seminar with integration into your offer as a trainer & coach are discussed.

Duration: 2 days / 9:00-17:00 & 9:00-16:00

Become a licensed trainer

Your benefit as a licensed trainer

  • Train-the-trainer seminar
  • Many active seminar exercises for lively training
  • Clearly structured, varied seminar schedule
  • Modern, stylish presentation
  • Exercise videos
  • Professional trainer's guide
  • Personal support
  • Free in-depth training at the Mind Codex Academy
  • Own administration of customers and app access for your customers
  • Sales material for your seminar acquisition
  • Exchange with the Mind Codex Academy license trainer network
  • Mind Codex Profiling Training is available as a face-to-face seminar and as live-online training and coaching

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