Licensing Mind Codex® Profiling

Licensing Mind Codex® Profiling

The latest module of Mind Codex: Seminar for Objections and Emotions with app access is unique on the market!

Benefit as a trainer from this unique selling point and expand your repertoire with modern knowledge content, a lively and stylish presentation, practical exercises, as well as practice videos, seminar content.

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What did your conversation partner say when he didn't say anything?

At this seminar, you will learn how to recognize the 7 emotions on your counterpart's face and how to immediately grasp the 8 objections in negotiations, sometimes even before your counterpart is aware of the objection. Even lies will not remain hidden from you. Become a profiler yourself by directly recognizing the emotions in the face, unmasking lies and increasing your knowledge of human nature to a quick and unerring assessment.


  • App based video trainings for sustainability of what you have learned
  • Training videos for emotion recognition with high score
  • Training videos for recognizing objections with highscore
  • Increasing emotional intelligence
  • Self-confidence in challenging conversations
  • Gain an edge through faster recognition of the emotions and objections of the conversation partner
  • Keeping the lead in conversations
  • See through the other person better
  • Sidestep on the topic of recognizing lies

In our license trainings the structure, the process as well as the contents are trained in detail as well as the different possibilities for active exercises and the distribution/sale of the Mind Codex seminar with integration into your offer as a trainer & coach are discussed.

Duration: 1 day / 9.00-17.00

Your benefit as a licensed trainer

  • Train-the-trainer seminar
  • Many active seminar exercises for lively training
  • Clearly structured, varied seminar schedule
  • Modern, stylish presentation
  • Exercise videos
  • Professional trainer's guide
  • Personal support
  • Free in-depth training at the Mind Codex Academy
  • Own administration of customers and app access for your customers
  • Sales material for your seminar acquisition
  • Exchange with the Mind Codex Academy license trainer network
  • Mind Codex Profiling Training is available as face-to-face seminar and as live-online training and coaching

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