MindCodex® 4 factors model

MindCodex® 4 factors model

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MindCodex Sales®

MindCodex Sales®

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What is Mind Codex®?

Mind Codex® is a 4-factor personality model developed with insights from the trilogy of sciences sociology, psychology and education and based on current neuropsychological findings.
Our neuronal processes are reflected in our individuality. Thanks to neuropsychology, we now know that there are four areas of the brain that have a particularly strong influence on personality and provide information about a person, which are captured in this model with 4 factors.
More than ever before, self-knowledge and knowledge of human nature have become the driving force for personal success for many, while our values guide us like a navigation system to our destination and ultimately enable our satisfaction.
Mind Codex shows you your essential 4 influencing factors of your personality that are unchangeable. Knowing the codex of your personal values, potentials, strengths and leitmotifs enables you not only to use them consciously for your own goal achievement, but also to combine success and satisfaction.
Every person is exceptional and has their own unique potential. With the Mind Codex® model it is possible for us to solve the riddle of the codex of personality, to decipher it and thereby show you your strengths, motives, values and potentials.
Find out which values, strengths, needs and potential you possess and how you can successfully use them to achieve your personal goals.

Discover your personal Mind Codex for your personal success!

MindCodex® 4 factors model

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