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Mind Codex® Basis Training – 4-Factor Model

What motivates my conversation partner? Knowledge of human nature is the engine for your personal success.

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Mind Codex® Sales

You want to increase your sales success, be able to recognize the guiding principles, values and personality..

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Mind Codex® Profiling

You want to know more about the person you're talking to before you've even met them...

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MindCodex® Team

Every employee in your team has their own individual potential. Use this efficiently through skillful...

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Mind Codex® Time Management

How to achieve goals with ease and in the best way? Reflect on your personal self-management and the...

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Managers are successful when they succeed not only in convincing other people, but also in inspiring them.

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Mind Codex® Recruiting

When selecting applicants, it is not only their professional qualifications that are important.

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Become a Mind Codex® trainer

Become a trainer

Learn all about our MIND CODEX trainer education. Monthly dates available.

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Mind Codex points out the potential of the employees and the whole team. That's a great wow factor.

Sandra Guthaber

Customer testimonial

Mind Codex is a modern concept and also directly applicable to everyday business life. At SAP employee...

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