Mind Codex® 4-Factor Model

Basis training – Mind Codex® 4-Factor Model

With personality to success

What motivates my conversation partner? How will my counterpart react?
More than ever, knowledge of human nature is the driving force behind personal success. Your own values and motives are like a navigator to personal satisfaction. Discover your own code of values and the potential of your personality for successful and satisfied goal achievement.

A quick assessment of interlocutors, whether online or in person, as well as a good knowledge of human nature for professional success are becoming more and more important.

Learn to assess people more easily and find out what your guiding principles and values are for making decisions and achieving goals.

Discover with the 4 Factor Personality Model Mind Codex® not only your personal potential and strengths, but also your 5 most important values and their influence on your personality.
Discover your own Mind Codex® for your personal success!


  • Digital analysis
  • Your personal analysis in your app
  • Values Codex - my 5 most important values
  • Personal reflection with an expert
  • Discovering your own potential
  • Discovering individual strengths
  • Guiding principles and values
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Which Mind Codex does my conversation partner have?
  • Knowledge of human nature for successful conversations
  • Immediately applicable in private and professional everyday life

Duration: 1 day / e.g. 9:00–16:00

Price per participant: € 546,22 net/ € 650 gross incl. Mind Codex® analysis, app usage, accompanying book with scientific background, conference fee

Registration at Seminare und Beratung at Tel: 0611-7167670 or E-Mail: info@mindcodex.de or here.

We also offer licensing seminars for trainers. More infos at info@mindcodex.de and here.

As a sales manager and biohacker, I have a great interest in communication and human psychology. In this context, body language and nonverbal cues play a major role. They give us clues as to whether we are picking up, understanding or even inspiring our conversation partner.

Florian Neuber, Regional Sales Director SAP

Understanding why everyone acts the way they do helps immensely in daily work, in understanding and implementing. Accessing the strengths of my colleagues, understanding their supposed weaknesses and using them as opportunities.

Heidrun Pöhnl, Secretary Board of Management Personal DB Regio

We at Thomae-Akademie like to make use of the Mind Codex model in pharmacy trainings because our seminar participants can improve the assessment of their customers' personality types and thus adapt the consultations to each customer type.

Christian Poßmann, Thomae-Akademie - ein Service von SANOFI

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