Mind Codex® Time Management

Mind Codex® Time Management - In step with your personality

How to achieve goals with ease and in the best way?

These are the questions that drive executives, managers and professionals alike. At this event "In Time with Personality" you will learn how to effectively use your potential within your area of responsibility based on your personal biostructure. You will reflect on your personal self-management and the conscious use of your strengths. Each biostructure relates to different motives.

Determine your motives on the basis of your biostructure and then define your goals and self-management for more success in your professional life. You will be given tools to structure your daily routine even better and at the same time reduce stress factors and facilitate your project planning.

The pressure to succeed is growing and so is the longing for satisfaction. Both - satisfaction and success - can be achieved through modern individual self- and time management. The only prerequisite is the knowledge of your own personality structure.

"Success is always the type and degree of goal achievement," says Dr. Eva Brandt. In addition to personal time analysis, the content also includes a perspective on greater effectiveness as a manager and leader. The focus is not only on working off to-do lists or the principles of priority, but rather on using one's own potential.

Personal resilience is also important.Strengthening this and achieving good stress competence is also the content of this topic.


  • Time analysis
  • View on genetic and trained behavior
  • Characteristics of doers, sociable people and analysts with regard to time management
  • Unfolding the full potential
  • Time is a phenomenon and an exhaustible resource
  • Success is inextricably linked to time management
  • Establish individual self and time management
  • Use personal tools instead of bowing to constraints
  • From self-knowledge to knowledge of human nature
  • Satisfaction is a matter of authenticity
  • Resilience/ stress competence

Duration: 1 day / e.g. 9:00–16:00

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