Mind Codex® Sales

Mind Codex® Sales
Do you want to increase your sales success? Would you like to be able to recognise the leitmotifs, values and personality traits of your negotiating partner more quickly for easier goal achievement and even more satisfied customers?

Mind Codex® offers you the possibility of a more targeted assessment of your negotiating partner. On the basis of 4 decisive factors of personality, you can recognise the codex of your customer and orient your discussions towards it in a success-oriented way. Learn more about the guiding principles, values and personality traits of your customers and thus achieve more sales success.

Self-awareness and knowledge of human nature are the motor for achieving your goals. The uniqueness of a person can be compared to a rough diamond, but the polish is also crucial and gives it its shine. Mind Codex® shows you all 4 factors of a person's uniqueness and thus the code of personality.

Increase your sales success with knowledge of human nature!

Contents and main topics

  • Quick assessment of the customer
  • Mind Codex® Sales with personal app access
  • Identifying leitmotifs, values and personality traits
  • Capturing the decisive motive of the customer
  • Winning appointments according to Mind Codex®
  • Recognising individual and personal benefits of the customer
  • Sales processes according to personalities
  • Recognising the customer's closing motives
  • Increasing knowledge of human nature
  • Targeted assessment of the Mind Codex of the conversation partner
  • Knowledge of human nature for successful conversations
  • Immediately applicable in private and professional everyday life
  • For practice: quick access to the most important training content via the app after the seminar.

Duration: 1 day, e.g. 9 am - 4 pm


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