MindCodex Sales®

You want to increase your sales success through psychology and knowledge of human nature? Would you like to know more about the purchase decision and purchase motivation of your customer right at the beginning of the conversation?

Through a quick and precise assessment of foreign as well as well-known people, new opportunities and possibilities arise for you in sales, in negotiations and in general dealing with people. Use the knowledge in order to reach a targeted conclusion with your customers. Psychological findings and facts from brain research offer you the opportunity to recognize your own strengths and potentials as well as those of your customers.

Contents and main topics

  • recognizing one's own strengths and potentials and their potential for application and improvement
  • quickly and precisely capture profiles in their decision-making, motivational and thinking structures with accuracy.
  • gaining confidence in the conclusion through accuracy in the knowledge of human nature
  • acquire: with new customers to more sales, methods and solutions for successful acquisition
  • argue: know what the customer needs; convince professionally with a strategic discussion structure
  • conclude: with systematic preparation; know the three most important influencing factors of the customer decision and use them for your success
  • compact and intensive: Training and transfer for your sales practice and challenging negotiations mastered confidently

Duration: 1 day/e.g. 9-16 o'clock


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