Leadership 4.0

The MindCodex® personality model offers you the opportunity to quickly identify the potential and intrinsic motivational factors of your employees and adjust your leadership behavior accordingly. Increase the success of your team with self-awareness and knowledge of human nature.

How to use the full potential of your team?

Managers are successful when they succeed in convincing other people. That's why "leadership" only works if employees, colleagues, bosses and customers let themselves be led. For this purpose it is necessary to recognize the real motivations and motivational factors of other people and to adjust one's own leadership actions to them in a target-oriented way.

This training provides you with a secure system to lead employees even more efficiently and to convince colleagues and superiors more easily. You will learn to recognize your counterpart in his personality quickly and to get a reliable picture of your employee and can therefore adjust your leadership strategy individually to it.


  • self-knowledge
  • knowledge of human nature
  • your personal success strategy
  • motivation factors of employees, colleagues and superiors
  • conducting conversations and dealing with employees, colleagues and superiors with a divergent personality

Duration: 1 day/e.g. 9-16 o'clock


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