Scientific background

What is Mind Codex®?

The Mind Codex personality model determines four dimensions of personality psychology, which exist in every person in varying degrees.

What is remarkable about this personality model?

Mind Codex® actively includes the individual values of each personality. Living our lives without incorporating our own values makes us miserable and sick. For this, it is crucial to portray the personalities with their values and potentials.

MRT-Aufnahme eines Gehirns

Contrary to other models, Mind Codex points out the unchangeable parts of the personality, which shape us throughout our lives. For instance, the intensity of our temperament is hereditary and consistent. In the course of our lives we learn to manage, but we cannot manipulate the intensity.

Many years of research demonstrate which parts are hereditary. We assigned them in the Mind Codex® model as characteristics to the Do-er, Empathizer and Analyzer factor respectively. Of course, everyone basically owns all three factors, but to varying degrees.

An equally interesting question is how you can prove which characteristics are hereditary and stable at the same time (i.e. unchangeable). For this purpose we have 15,000 twin research studies of identical twins, who grew up in different families. Neuroscience research show clear results, which are the fundamental findings in Mind Codex®.

Mind Codex® analyses which personality traits we have inherited and to what degree. Based on that, the individual potential can be revealed. Further, the analysis evaluation shows each person's motivational factors and how satisfaction, success, happiness, fulfilment etc. can be achieved.


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